Simplifying with technology

We're building, simplifying and spicing with technology by making the complex simple.

Cerestorm Business

Build a digital and sustainable business

Cerestorm Business is building sustainable businesses with technology. Businesses can sign up and be equipped with the right business tools to digitize and sustain them in a technology driven world.

Learn the new way with iLearn

Learn the new way with iLearn

With iLearn from Cerestorm, you can learn interactively, virtually or in a computer based environment (CBT). Whether ONLINE or OFFLINE, you're always studying anywhere or anytime on iLearn.

Acing an examination is never part of your worries again.

Impacting lives with tech skills

Impacting lives with tech skills

The future lies in the technology. Cerestorm is impacting lives by equipping individuals with tech skills.

Individual who are willingly to dive into tech can get the right tutor, guidance and mentorship from Cerestorm.