Smart Digital Cards

Digitize records with the Cerestorm Smart Digital Card. Take your records to cloud.


For Hospital

Meedical workplace which includes hospitals, health centers, pharmacy centers etc can digitize their medical records with the Cerestorm smart digital card.

Enough of the stock pilling of paper medical cards, it's time to take the records to the cloud.

How Does It Work?

Submit a request

Medical workplace can submit a request and our dev team will be in touch with them.

Issue Digital Cards

Issue Digital Cards

Once request has been approved, medical workplace can issue a printed or a digitized unique smart card tied to a patient. This means one unique smart card to a patient.

Subsequent information is stored on the embedded QR code in the smart card using the Cerestorm QR app.

Retrieve & Store Records

Retrieve & Store Records

Medical records stored on the QR card can be retrieved only by verified medical personnels using the Cerestorm QR Mobile App or the Web Version.